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Vibram Training Day 2

Ok, so I ran 3 whole miles on Monday, if you remember. Well before the day was even OVER, I knew I was in trouble. My calves were really tight and burning, but my feet were just fine (yay!). I stretched them out and hit the hay pretty early.

I woke up Tuesday to Roxy letting me know that she had to go out to the bathroom at 6:00am. It was doggy daycare day, so I had to get up anyway. I put my weight on my feet and yelped in pain. My calves were so tight that it was hard to walk without limping. I decided I should probably let my legs rest.

No work out.

As the day went on, I stretched and walked around and my calves were sore, but they loosened up a bit.

Today I woke up and was limping around again, but I knew that I had to keep training in order to build my calves up.


Because Turkey Trot is next week, and it’s a 5 mile trek. I would love to finish that first race in my vibrams. As of tomorrow, I will have 1 week to get ready. I can always run it in my shoes if I need to, but it would be cool to do 5 miles by next week in my vibrams.

So after work, I decided to hit the treadmill and try to go for at least one mile. When I was running, it was the first time I felt (and saw, thanks to the full length mirrors to the right) my gait drastically change. My running was much quieter. My feet weren’t pounding the treadmill, they were controlled, and my hit was hitting, but carefully onto the treadmill. It was bizarre.

I decided to really extend my gait and I bumped up the treadmill to where I was running around 9 minute mile (as opposed to my slow 10), and it felt… freeing. My calves were yelling at me and I slowed down and finished the mile. I stretched and decided to do some cardio that would not focus on my calves.

After I worked out, I couldn’t help it, I wanted another pair of vibrams for just every-day wear. My neon Bikkalas are nice, and fine when I’m in my florescent running gear, but are too attention-grabbing for just walking around. So right now, on my feet, are the vibrams smart wools. They are good for winter (my feet feel quite toasty right now) and they are grey, so I can wear them more often with less attention, which will hopefully make my training faster and my feet will get stronger.

Here’s to vibrams! I’ll keep y’all updated and will post pictures of my low profile vibrams soon :)

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