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4 miles in Vibrams

I used to run far… And although I never felt awesome about it, I never felt pain like I did during my 4 miles today.

I wasn’t even going to run that far, but when chatting with some of my girl friends at a party last night, they were starting to train for the Austin half and I knew it was time for me to get serious too. They invited me to come along for an “easy four miles” at 10 this morning.

Of course, I woke up late. I rushed to get out the door and had a short debate with myself: Vibrams or my old sneakers? I stretched my calfs and decided they were almost not sore—so why not give them a work out??

About 2 miles in, I had to stop and walk. I have quickly found out that there are a LOT of muscles in my lower leg. My main calf muscles were a little sore, sure, but whatever muscles tie the calf to the Achilles tendon were killing me today. It felt like someone was jabbing me under my calf muscle with needles. I walked for a while and resigned myself to my fate: maybe if I keep running, they will loosen up

I ended my four miles at a sprint and tried to stretch. My muscles screamed at me, but my feet felt good, strong, and totally unhurt.

So I drove home and promptly laid on the floor at Dan’s feet asking him to squeeze all the lactic acid from my calfs. I think he gets a strange sense of pleasure put of hearing me yelp in pain as he digs his knuckles in to my muscles. At the end of the day though, I am always grateful because my calfs are looser and not as sore.

So the Turkey Trot is 4 days away, we haven’t signed a lease, and the coming week will be consumed with Packing and moving. Hopefully we will find Dan’s connecting cord for his camera and I can share pics of our new place and the long journey I will start with filling it with cool decor :)

Until the next run!

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