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A New “Lease” on Life!

~*Can we pause for a moment, and appreciate my new layout? With everything changing right now, I thought I should give some thanks for how awesome 2010 is turning out to be and giving in to the season with a scrapbook-y seasonal background!*~

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you want to know how my vibrams are working out—fine, thank you. Actually, I’m surprised that after my excruciating run yesterday, I am a little sore today, it’s true, but I am not limping around like last week (thanks to Dan, I’m sure, torturing/massaging out the cramps yesterday). Yay Dan!

I feel like I owe you all some pictures.

So, my new Vibrams are first up! After almost a week with them, I can tell you, that they are my new favorite “slip on” shoe. At first I got a size bigger than my Bikkalas and then still felt a bit snug—especially the back flap, which was rubbing a raw spot into each achilles tendon. However, after reading some online tutorials about these smart wool vibrams, and found that if you flip the heel cup inside out and cut the elastic (which voids the warranty—be warned!), the back heel flap doesn’t rub so much. (They made it sound really easy to flip the heel cup, but it is NOT. I had to seek out the sharp corner of a chair, brace the chair into my body and use both hands to pull that sucker.) It was worth the effort, and now they don’t rub, and my muscles are getting stronger and stronger! My toes don’t like being cramped up against each other in “normal shoes.”

As you can see, I got the Grey ones—a bit more incognito than my neon pink, and less embarrassing for Dan when we walk around stores and the mall. People seem to hardly notice them (which is nice for me—less people stopping me to ask, “Are those really comfortable?” Like I would wear goofy toe-shoes around for the attention—that’s what ostentatious high heels are for, right?). I wore them around Dan for a full day before he even noticed them.

They actually have a pretty thick sole for walking around in. I almost leaned toward the performa, but apparently it’s for yoga only? It was more expensive anyway ($110!), so I wouldn’t recommend it. These actually keep my feet warm—now it’s not snowing by any means here in Austin, but I’ll take them up to Wisconsin when we go and give them a real test (maybe).

Ok, enough about vibrams, and on to the exciting stuff—house pictures! Dan and I are signing a lease today!

All these pics are pre-move in, so you’ll see what we have to work with. I’m sure this blog will be the running/decorating your first house/starting a new job blog, so for those of you who are plugged in simply for running, I apologize. I will faithfully tag and not mix my entries (aside from this one… if you’ll give me a little latitude).

Dan and I have been looking at houses for 2 weeks, which isn’t long, but we were up against a pretty hard deadline. And on top of that, I set my own personal goal of cooking in our new place for Thanksgiving. I have gone out 3 times with realtors, and looked through hundreds of houses online. I actually stepped into around 30 houses, and found only 4 that I really liked. That’s a terrible ratio for me. As someone who is pretty impatient when she’s ready to go, these past couple weeks have been excruciating and a lesson in patience. Even though I won’t “settle,” I want to keep plugging away until I find the “right” place. My realtor was lovely, but wasn’t prepared for my go-get-em attitude, I don’t think.

After two heartbreaker apps we put in and got denied (one on the basis of our dog, Roxy—what?! I know that dogs can do damage, but she is crate trained AND goes to doggy daycare… but I digress), I found the following house—filed under a “condo” on the website. Success!

I am very happy with where we ended up. The first two options felt very large for me, and since I’ll be there without Dan most of the time, getting swallowed up by a house (and then having to clean that house and furnish that house) was making me a little uneasy.

This place is perfect for us—it has all the upgrades we wanted, it’s in a secure neighborhood, and it even has a little back yard for Roxy to play in.

So without further ado… here is our little red house:

This is the front, obviously.

As you enter, this is the view. That’s the kitchen to the left, after the half bath, and the garage door is on the right. All the way back is the dining area and living room. Lots of windows!

This is the unfortunate red wall. I know some people are into the boldness of an accent wall, and sometimes I am too, but this is just too red. I felt yelled at as I rounded the corner the first time.

So we are going to repaint it and make the space pop in some other way.

And this is the view from the back to the front of the house. It’s longer than you would expect, huh? The kitchen is granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. And now we actually have a pantry (gasp!). I am very excited to spend some time in our lovely rental!

I will share more pics as we decorate—there will be many before/after! I’m really excited to start sharing this part of my life with you. Now it’s time to explore new running paths, new places to get food, learning to cook, and learning how to make a space this big “mine” (well… Mine and Dan’s).

Are you as excited as I am?! Weee!
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