As a 29 year old woman, I thought I would have it all figured out: career, relationships, and life in general. After quitting a toxic job and soul-searching for two months, I fell into a job that is perfect for me. I want to help you get that too!

I also run, take photos, and host the National Karaoke League--so it's not all career all the time around here.


4.51 Miles

So today it will have been almost a month since my last run. In the past 4 weeks, I have moved, started a new job, and crafted for 17 people. Every year I have a conundrum about how much to buy and for whom. I’m not a rich person, and so having a family consisting of 7 nieces and nephews gets a little… difficult for me around birthdays and Christmas. I’ve all but given up on birthdays for now.

So today I was exhausted all day, and I kept telling myself that I was going to run, and the little doubting voice in the back of my head told me how heavy my eyelids were. I even had to stay late at work to finish reading some files in preparation for passing out some reading lists tomorrow.

But then, on my way home, I got energized by having an uplifting conversation with my friend Brittany. I felt her energy come through the phone and into my feet. Even though her phone pooped out halfway through our conversation, I managed to get laced up and out the door before I had time to discourage myself.

It was my first time running (1) at night and (2) around this new (very busy) neighborhood. I had a general idea of how far the loop I wanted to make… turns out I was about a mile off, so instead of running 3, I ran 4.5.

I also didn’t account for a wicked uphill battle for the last half of the run. My heart rate was up pretty high, but I kept stretching out my arms wide as the 70 degree wind blew my hair back. I had a hard time believing it was December. I didn’t think a lick about work—mostly because I was in unfamiliar territory and I was worried about someone I couldn’t see coming after me (I have an active imagination).

I was surprised at how quickly the run went. Before I knew it, I could see the gas station signaling the turn for home, and I sprinted past the dark houses of our neighborhood to finish my first run of the week. Tomorrow I’ll do a short jaunt down to the end of the street and back (it’s 2 miles). I have a feeling my calves will be sore.


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