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Half-Marathon Training: Day 1

I made a big mistake when getting back into running today.

I ran with someone much faster than me. So no wonder that I had to stop 15 minutes into my run.

Wait. I should backtrack.

So today was the first day where the temperatures broke 50 (by a lot! We ended up at 64) and I was determined to run. I packed up my gear and heard encouraging reports about the weather outside all day. I decided not to run in my vibrams today (since I’d like to run tomorrow and the next day), and I’ll run in them tomorrow.

Then I invited a new friend of mine to join since she was running after work too. Now, this girl is a real athlete—soccer and running. When I had chatted with her about running before she said she was a slow runner—around a 9:30 mile, which is totally in my range—no, it was in my range back in October.

So we started running and about 15 minutes into it, I have to stop. The course was fairly hilly for my first jaunt back. I felt incredibly slow and my legs felt heavy. We finished up and I glanced at my watch: 30:36 total. I thought I was pulling 10 minute miles, which I expected on my first day back. But it turns out we ran farther than 3 miles, which brought our time down to 9 Minutes and 18 seconds per mile, and that includes the 2 times I stopped to walk.

So now I don’t feel as bad about being out of breath, and although I will one day be back at a 9 minute mile pace, I’m soooooo not there yet.

But I did it. I almost passed out afterwards, but I did it.

Learn from me and take it easy your first day back. It will be worth it when you want to run again on day 2. (Which I’m going to do in my Vibrams. Full report tomorrow!)

Even though it was a difficult run, it feels good to be back into it.

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