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5 Miles and what I learned from my Dog

So after a week of not running, I expected today’s long run to be a challenge, and it was, but not in the way I expected.

Normally I’m a Saturday runner. That way, I can stay up late Saturday night and sleep in on Sunday. Well, this new training plan landed my long run on Sunday. This morning our alarm goes off at 8am, and we decide to snooze until 9:30 or so. Sunlight is streaming through the windows and I dragged myself out of bed, barely, talking about how I didn’t think I would/could do 5 miles today.

And then I opened our balcony door and was greeted by a balmy day and clear skies. It seemed so strange after a day where there was snow on the ground that it would be in the 60s at 10 AM.

Dan also suggested that we bring Roxy (our pup) along and let her try running to see how she liked it.

Roxy is pretty high energy, and I expected her to try and sprint the whole time. She’s a corgy/aussie mix, so she has short legs, and since it was her first “long” run, we decided to take it slow.

It turns out that the slow pace was just what I needed to get back into running. When Dan and Roxy turned off on the 3 mile cut off, I kept going. It took me longer than 45 minutes to complete the 5 miles, but the day was so beautiful balmy and clear that I didn’t mind at all taking my time.

I ran without music. It was just me, my vibrams (and I felt very little pain, except at the end when my achilles started aching), and my thoughts. Then I saw Dan and Roxy waiting on me on the way back, which really motivated me for my sprint along the last 100 yards or so.

With this weather change, I figured out that I am a fickle runner. Give me 60 degree weather and clear skies, and I’m out there. At least now that I know that about myself, I can try to work on the harder days and really enjoy days like today.

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