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Training running and fleas

Oh My Goodness.

So this weekend was absolutely lovely—the weather was literally perfect. A little drizzly on Saturday, but nothing we couldn’t handle. So Dan and I took Roxy out hiking with us up and down “the hill of life” as Dan has dubbed it (and I think some other folks as well). We chose to climb down and up the steepest part of the Barton Creek trail and do a little running at the base.

I, with my vibrams on, thought that the hike would be no big. Rocks schmocks. Yeah, uh, wrong. I love my vibrams and everything, but this was a loose gravel trail, and I got poked and prodded in my feet the whole way. However, the pain was worth it, because I think I climbed up at a much faster pace than I do in my sneakers. It was the travel down that was a bit painful (but it makes sense… landing all of your weight downward would cause some pain).

Then on Sunday it was time for the long run, and since I missed last week, we decided to run 5 instead of six. Well, yesterday was also the marathon in Austin—big event, and lots of street closures. Dan and I didn’t even want to go near downtown so we went out to the Slaughter Creek Trail to put in our time.

Now if you know me at all, you would know that I twisted my ankle last March trail running. It wasn’t pretty, and I haven’t done it since. However, with some reassurance by Dan that this particular trail was very flat, I decided to give it a go.

I’m happy to report I’m injury free, although I was hyper vigilant on the trail, looking for errant roots sticking up, or rocks that were hard to see. I did trip at one point, but I didn’t fall.

Turns out the trail was around 5.5 miles when all was said and done (the website says 5 flat, but we ran it in over an hour, and I know that our pace wasn’t that slow), and it felt good. I finally stuck to my full week’s running schedule, and I’m all set to do it again.

Later that night (it’s funny how things work out, because I wasn’t supposed to be at home, but I was, with Roxy by my side) I felt something on my neck, grabbed it, and took a look. The black speck vanished from my fingers, which can only mean one thing: a flea.

So either I picked up a flea on my trek through the woods or Roxy did. I looked at Roxy accusingly, as I had taken a shower earlier in the day. I scooped her up and started the house-cleaning process in a desperate attempt to kill that one flea. I put more topical on Roxy and vacuumed and washed everything I could think of that she might have touched.

I didn’t sleep too easy last night, but I’m trying not to freak out. Roxy has been flea-free until this weekend, and when I was rubbing her belly this morning (and all weekend) there were no tell-tale critters running around in her underfur (where I usually find them). So I’m not taking extreme measures yet.

I hope I don’t have to. One flea isn’t going to lead to a house infestation…


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