As a 29 year old woman, I thought I would have it all figured out: career, relationships, and life in general. After quitting a toxic job and soul-searching for two months, I fell into a job that is perfect for me. I want to help you get that too!

I also run, take photos, and host the National Karaoke League--so it's not all career all the time around here.


Yesterday was Awful

From my 2 miles at a dreadful 10:50 pace to my mistakes at work, I definitely had a case of the Mondays. 

Yesterday I ran the 2 miler in my vibrams. I’m not sure what it is about those shoes, but they definitely slow me down. I heard my feet slapping the concrete and tried to be light on my toes, but it wasn’t working for me yesterday. My legs were mad at me, I was mad at me, and the wind was blowing angrily at me. When I got finished with the run I was so upset and done with the day that I cried. Ugh. What a baby. 

I chalked up the day to a loss and went to sleep at 9pm (which is “normal,” since I get up at 5). I was able to wake up this morning with energy and really pound the pavement. I ran my 4.5 mile loop and attempted to tack on another half mile in a neighborhood, but missed it by .24 miles. Oh well! 

My first mile I was finished at 9:45, which is SO MUCH BETTER than yesterday. I was really happy to see it—so happy, that I didn’t look at my watch again. I fell off my pace by the end (my legs started to feel yesterday’s—and the 9 mile day before it—run), and finished with a 10:30 mile. I stopped to walk twice, otherwise I think my pace would have been closer to 10 minutes, which makes me very happy!

Now it’s time for oatmeal and a shower!

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